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IAAグローバル、Dagmara Szulice氏がMDに就任

Dec. 05,2017

Press Release


The Association is looking to assert its position in the global marcomms industry by using creativity as a force for good


NEW YORK, NY (November 29, 2017) - The International Advertising Association (IAA) is delighted to announce the appointment of Dagmara Szulce as Managing Director, based in New York City and reporting to the IAA's main governing body - the Board of Directors. Szulce comes to the IAA with a track record of 20+ years of building and transforming brands in the US and globally - both on client and agency sides alike.

A skilled strategist, Dagmara's priority is to go back to the IAA's heritage and cement its role as the global compass in the marcomms industry. "This is a global role," says Felix Tataru, the IAA's Chairman and World President "and in Dagmara we have a person at the helm with boundless energy and unique set of skills to realize the very stretching vision the Board of Directors have outlined."

Szulce's appointment is a concerted effort by the IAA to address the often-raised question of relevancy of trade associations in the marketing communications and advertising industry. "I am excited to join the IAA. As the IAA looks towards its 80th anniversary in 2018, and in an age where new is often seen as better, I am convinced that the IAA's longevity along with its unique global footprint is what sets it apart now and will continue to set it apart for the next 80 years and beyond. I look forward to working with the global members to shape the future of our industry and ensure that the IAA plays an active role as a global ambassador holding us accountable and responsible, and a positive role-model for future generations in our industry."

"The IAA's membership is diverse - comprising of individual and organizational members from across the communications value chain: advertisers, agencies, media, educators and other organizations/associations. We have members in over 40 countries worldwide. Our aim is to galvanize the significant good will of these members so that the IAA has a seat at the table in shaping the important ad industry and wider societal policies and practices." commented Srinivasan Swamy, Senior Vice President of the IAA.

IAA plans to do this by promoting the power of creativity and this new mission was recently launched in Bucharest, during IAA's Global Conference with Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple. IAA is honored to partner with visionary minds like Steve Wozniak to inspire a new generation of creative minds in the industry. ENDS

For more information contact:
Mateja Simic via email: mateja.simic@iaaglobal.org

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AD☆STARS 2017 釜山国際広告祭リポート

AD STARS 2017 釜山国際広告祭 開催<<報告>>


8月24日から26日の3日間、大韓民国 釜山市に於いて第10回釜山国際広告祭が開催されました。



またAd StarsとAFAA(アジア広告協会連盟)との間でパートナーシップ契約を結んだことが発表され、Ad Starsがアジア各国との連携を強化し、アジアのクリエイティビティの革新に貢献する体制が強化されています。




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IAA Business Briefing & Networking Lunch開催!!

「IAA Business Briefing & Networking Lunch」開催!!

電通イージスネットワークCEOジェリー・ブルマンとCNN ニュース・アンカーのニーナ・ドスサントスを迎えてネットワーキング・ランチを2月に開催。

IAA UK支部主催

IAA UK支部は2017年2月にビジネス・ランチ「IAA Business Briefing & Networking Lunch」を開催します。ゲストには電通イージスネットワークCEOのジェリー・ブルマンと聞き手にCNNのニュース・アンカーであるニーナ・ドスサントスをお迎えします。
日時、参加費用については下記の通りです。ご参加お申込みはIAA UK支部まで。

「IAA Business Briefing & Networking Lunch」
会費:IAA Member:100£+VAT
Member’s Guest:120£+VAT
申込先:Virginia Martyn (+44) -203-542-1410
E-mail: office@iaauk.london

詳しくはIAA UKのホームページ www.iaauk.london をご覧ください


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IAA Announces Its Global Vice Presidents
To Serve 2016-2018 Term

New York, September 8th 2016:

The International Advertising Association has announced global Vice Presidents appointments to serve for the 2016-2018 term.
In announcing the news, IAA Chairman and World President Felix Tataru stated "We now have the whole team on board, ready to contribute to the global ad industry insights, needs and leadership that often only our tri-partite association can provide. We will all serve our mission with dedication and strive to be inspiring leaders for the industry and society.”
The team includes new positions in line with IAA objectives and plans for the next two years. The organization focus, includes creating a global sharing platform of curated content for the best practices in the world, developing the association in new territories, and extending the cooperation of Effie Awards in more countries. The IAA has also a major focus in representing the corporate affairs area of practice in Europe. In addition the association will continue to develop its extensive learning and education practices together with its commitment to the development of talent in the advertising industry. Integrity and ethics, together with the defense of unwarranted bans and interferences with brands and advertising will continue to be priorities.

IAA グローバル 新リーダーシップ体制

◆IAA リーダシップ・チーム

Chairman and World President, Felix Tătaru (GMP Group, Romania)

Immediate Past Chairman and WP, Faris Abouhamad (CEO, InterOne Resonance, UAE)

Senior Vice President, Srinivasan Swamy (President RK SWAMY BBDO Pvt Ltd, India)

General Secretary, Diane Slade (Head of Advertising Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia)

Treasurer, Venanzio Camarra (Managing Partner and Chief Consultant of Studio Aldabra, Italy)

Managing Director IAA, Michael Lee (USA)

◆Vice President

VP Corporate Members and Government Affairs, Carla Michelotti (President, Carla Michelotti LLC, USA)

VP Membership, Pawel Kowalewski (Communication Limited, Poland)

VP Government Affairs Europe, Alexandra Olaru (Philip Morris, Romania)

VP Area Director USA/Canada, Tom Brookbanks (Senior Vice President, Starcom Mediavest, USA)

VP Area Director Europe, Kyra Roest (Business & People connector, /UM'GE: BUN/, Netherlands)

VP Area Director Middle East Africa, Saad El Zein (Saad El Zein Company, UAE)

VP Area Director Asia, Pacific Kaushik Roy (President - Brand Strategy & Marketing Communication, Reliance Industries Ltd, India)

VP Development Africa, Norkor Duah (Lowe Lintas, Ghana)

VP Asia Development, John Chacko (President IAA Malaysia Chapter, Malaysia)

VP Development Central Asia, Mehrnoosh Shafiei Shahrbabaki (Representative, IAA Iran Chapter, Idea-list, Iran)

VP Development China, Yang Hong Feng (China Advertising Association, China)

VP Awards, Pradeep Guha (9X Media Pvt. Ltd., India)

VP Inspire Awards, Heather Leembruggen (President IAA Australia Chapter)

VP Communications (Internal), Ramesh Narayan (Canco Advertising Private Limited, India)

VP Communications, Joel Nettey (President IAA Ghana Chapter, Innova DDB, Ghana)

Secretary, VP Education, Diane Slade (Edith Cowan University, Australia)

VP Strategy and Marketing, Mihai Barsan (Ursus Breweries, Romania)

VP Young Professional, Karen Carter (President IAA UK Chapter, Kaos Marketing Ltd., United Kingdom)

VP Learning, Victor Dobre (Executive Director, IAA Romania Chapter, Romania)

VP Sharing Platform, Mikkel Christian Larsen (Mindshare, Denmark)

VP Content, Sasan Saeidi (McCann Middle East & Africa, United Arab Emirates)

VP Elections, Angus Grieve (Executive Director, IAA UK Chapter, United Kingdom)


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IAAグローバルの新体制発足 2016-2018ボードメンバー発表




Felix Tataru, IAA Chairman and World President stated "We are very excited to assemble our leadership at such an exciting and challenging time in our industry. The IAA, representing all areas of marketing communications - advertisers, agencies, media and educators is committed to inspire the industry and society. Everyone in our industry is empowered to contribute in their own way and the IAA looks forward to harnessing the resources and energy of our members around the world"

Current industry issues for the IAA include the continued importance of best practices and integrity; the defense of unwarranted bans and interference with brands and advertising and the development of talent within our industry



Board of Directors confirmed the following IAA Officers for 2016-2018

Felix Tătaru
Chairman and World President,
GMP Group, Romania

Faris Abouhamad
Immediate Past Chairman and World President,
CEO, InterOne Resonance, UAE

Srinivasan Swamy
Senior Vice President,
President RK SWAMY BBDO Pvt Ltd, India

Diane Slade
General Secretary,
Head of Advertising Edith Cowan University,Perth, Western Australia

Venanzio Camarra
Managing Partner and Chief Consultant of Studio Aldabra<, Italy

Carla Michelotti
Vice President Corporate Members and Government Affairs,
President, Carla Michelotti LLC, USA

Kaushik Roy
Vice President Area Director Asia Pacific,
President - Brand Strategy & Marketing Communication, Reliance Industries Ltd, India

Tom Brookbanks
Vice President Area Director USA/Canada,
Senior Vice President, Starcom Mediavest, USA

Kyra Roest
Vice President Are Director Europe
Business & People connector, /UM'GE:BUN/, Netherlands

Saad El Zein
Vice President Area Director Middle East Africa
Saad El Zein Company, UAE

Michael Lee
Managing Director IAA, USA

"Felix Tătaru at 42 is the youngest IAA Chairman in our history" commented Michael Lee, IAA Managing Director "we have an ambitious agenda for the next two years and our exciting mission continues today"



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アメリカ広告主協会(ANA)は8か月にわたり調査してきたメディア代理店リベート問題について、「K2リポート」を発表。Cash リベートやNon-transparent、不透明な行為を含むリベートが米メディア業界に蔓延しているとしました。




The International Advertising Association (IAA) has reviewed the Independent Study of Media Transparency in the US Advertising Industry released on June 6th 2016 by K2 Intelligence (K2) on behalf of the ANA.

The IAA counts among its membership individuals and companies drawn from all areas of the industry, from all over the world - including advertisers, media and agencies. The IAA has long led on many industry issues - most notably highlighting and taking an advance information leadership position on matters such as the implications of digital ad fraud, plain packaging, supporting global self-regulation, privacy, and strengthening the econometrics of the ad industry.

The findings of the K2 Report underline the importance of transparency and best practices, crucial to maintain the health and to enhance the strength of the advertising industry. We, at the IAA, propose a dialog and open communication with other industry stakeholders regarding this study, such that we build trust among all stakeholders. A joint industry task force approach can process the identified issues, address problems, and result in a balanced, informed and conciliatory understanding of them and any remedies needed.

The findings of the K2 Report note the imperative need for all parties in the advertising environment to work together in a commercially viable way to reach and operate per negotiated and transparent contract terms. Such contracts must also allow for client audits to confirm compliance. All parties have responsibility to fully comply with and importantly to fully understand contract terms. And, all parties must continually identify and address areas where contractual terms are not understood.

The IAA looks forward on behalf of its global membership to continue to play its part to encourage clear communication and education such that all parties have a better understanding of the workings of the advertising ecosystem and about client agency contract terms and compliance. There is no role for any party to agreements not to fully honor contract terms, nor to understand the compliance requirements. These key issues will be topics for discussion at the IAA Cabana during the upcoming Cannes Lions Festival.

For more information, please contact:
Michael Lee, IAA Managing Director


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Effie Awards UK 2016、受賞者が決定!

Effie Awards UK 2016、受賞者が決定!





London, 19th May 2016 - Winners of the 2016 Effie UK programme were revealed tonight at the inaugural Effie Awards Ceremony in London. Since 1968, the Effie Awards have honoured marketing ideas that work, and now celebrate marketing effectiveness in more than 40 markets globally. The 2016 competition marks the arrival of Effies in the UK.

All 2016 UK finalists were celebrated at BAFTA in London, with 11 of them taking away hardware. MullenLowe Group was named the Agency Network of the Year, earning awards for all three of their shortlisted campaigns: a Silver for The Electoral Commission (with MEC UK) and both a Silver and a Gold for The MicroLoan Foundation.

Other top honours earning Gold went to Three, Wieden+Kennedy and Mindshare's "Sorry for the #holidayspam"; John Lewis and adam&eveDDB's "Monty the Penguin" and NSPCC, Leo Burnett and OMD's "How the NSPCC changed the law". Additional winning brands included Kenco, Currys PC World, McVitie's, Sixt Rent a Car, and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

"UK entries were rigorously evaluated by industry leaders over two rounds of judging. The finalists and winners truly deserve their accolades, because to be recognised as a finalist or a winner in the UK, a market-leader in effectiveness, is a huge achievement. All these teams should be extremely proud of their accomplishments" commented Alistair Macrow, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of McDonald's UK, and the Jury Chair for the 2016 Effie Awards UK competition.
"We are thrilled with how the UK ad industry has embraced the Effies. Our inaugural programme has been well received and, with the support of our very active IAA UK Chapter, we look forward to cementing the Effie Awards as champions of effectiveness in the UK." stated Felix Tataru, IAA Chairman and World President-Elect, under whose leadership the International Advertising Association organises Effies in the UK.

Last night also saw the recognition for the 2016 Global Effie finalists and winners. Top Global winners were TBWA\Media Arts Lab and OMD for Apple's "iPhone World Gallery" (Gold), TBWA\Chiat\Day and Starcom for Airbnb's "Never a Stranger" campaign (Silver) and Grey NY and Procter & Gamble for Febreze/Ambi Pur's "The World Goes Noseblind" campaign (Bronze).

John O'Keefe, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer at London-based WPP accepted a special recognition on behalf of the company for being ranked the #1 Most Effective Holding Company globally for the past five years in the Effie Effectiveness Index.

In presenting the accolade, Effie Worldwide President and CEO Neal Davies said "The UK is a leading voice in the quest for effectiveness on a global stage and that's exemplified by London-based WPP topping the Index for the fifth time. To be awarded Most Effective Holding Company is a pinnacle in itself: to do it five years running sends a clear message to the worldwide business community about creating ideas that work."

All of the 2016 UK and Global Effie finalists and winners will receive points towards their ranking in the Effie Index. Visit effieuk.org and globaleffie.org for more information.

Rebooting Kenco by giving young Hondurans a way out of gang life

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
Working With You: The power of partnering with UK businesses

Currys PC World
How an underdog won the 2014 football World Cup by changing the playing field
Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO*; Blue 449

The Electoral Commission
Loss Aversion Trumps Voter Apathy
MullenLowe London*; MEC UK*; 23 Red; Carat

Sorry for the #holidayspam
Wieden+Kennedy*; Mindshare*

MicroLoan Foundation
Giving emotional value to a media space
MullenLowe London*

A Sweet Solution To The Masterbrand Challenge
Grey London*; MEC; Grey Shopper; Grey Possible; 3 Monkeys Communications

Go Freestyle
Wieden+Kennedy*; MJZ*; Carat; Holler; Wildcard; BD

John Lewis
Monty the Penguin

How surprising advertising yielded surprising results
TBWA London*;
Starcom Mediavest Group (SMV)

We fought the law and we won: How the NSPCC changed the law with just £30,000
Leo Burnett*; OMD*

MicroLoan Foundation
Rethinking the value exchange
MullenLowe London*

Sixt Rent a Car
Sixt: How 'Drive Smug' drives sales
Grey London*; Manning Gottlieb OMD*

Complete list of 2016 Effie Awards UK Gold, Silver and Bronze winners & finalists
*Indicates lead agency (visit www.effieuk.org for more details) Agency Network of the Year: MullenLowe London
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IAAグローバル カンヌ カバーナ2016のご案内。

The IAA Studio - Live from Cannes
Our base of operations!


The IAA Cannes Cabana, just steps away from the Palais de Festival will be home for IAA members and our Cannes sponsors, and will be the location for a range of insightful sessions and networking that will focus on a range of pressing industry issues, and all wrapped up with the IAA's signature - What's Coming Next? And when the hard talk is over - the IAA Cabana will be a backdrop for networking and socializing!

The IAA Studio format will be home to our content sessions, as well as our roving film crew from The Vision Network! Watch out for more information!

As a partner of Cannes Lions Extra - the official channel for approved companies with content in and around the Festival - The IAA Studio could become your base during the festival. This is an effective, economic and content-rich way to maximize your time and investment in Cannes. Check out the 2015 IAA Cannes highlights reel.

The IAA is proud to present our current 2016 sponsors including: The Financial Times, InSkin, Hindustan Times, A&E Networks and Talentarc. And the IAA Cabana is made possible by the strong support of the IAA's dynamic chapters from India, the Netherlands and the UK! A limited number of sponsorship opportunities are still available.

For information about the IAA's 2016 plans and activities in Cannes please contact Michael Lee, IAA Managing Director.



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What's Coming Next? パリで開催。 

What's Coming Next? パリで開催が決定!!


What's Coming Next?
The Econometrics of Digital Advertising.

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016
8:30am - 1:00pm
Les Salons de la Maison des Arts et Métiers
The Econometrics of Digital Advertising, an IAA Leadership Forum, is coming to Paris on June 15th 2016 as part of the International Advertising Association's (IAA) What's Coming Next? leadership forum series.

The event will provide a 360 degree update of the massive impact and contribution that the digital world has contributed to modern economies, plus what it means to do business in the digital age whether established, a start-up or a category buster! Delegates will get insights from key executives as they cover the key industry topics at the forefront of the European digital advertising industry.

The Econometrics of Digital Advertising will also tackle industry trends and what to look out for, plus explore the political and legislative landscape of digital communications.

This conference will be the first event co-organized by IAA World Service Center (IAA's HQ in New York) and the IAA France Young Professionals Chapter. IAA YP Chapters are present in over 10 countries (Austria, Australia, Dubai, India, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, the United States and now France) and confirm the relevance of the IAA and the importance of international networking for marketing professionals.

This will also be a great opportunity to discover what the IAA France Young Professionals will be doing over the year, sign up as a member and stay up to date with "What's Coming Next?" in Paris for international advertising young professionals.



JUNE 15TH 2016 | Arts & Metiers, Avenue d’Iena, Paris

8:00 to 9:00 am - Registration and welcome refreshments

9:00 to 9:05 am - Introduction by the International Advertising Association
     •Michael Lee – Managing Director IAA

9:05 to 9:15 am - Introduction of the IAA Leadership Forum and Moderators
     •Carla Michelotti, Vice President Corporate Members IAA
     •Ravi Mattu, Technology, Media and Telecoms Editor, The Financial Times

9:15 to 9:35 am - The Single Digital Market Landscape. Realities and Ambitions.
     There is a huge diversity of businesses and entrepreneurs with creativity, ambition and talent – all deploying digital tools that create employment and boost economies. Opportunities are enormous. For Europe to reach its full potential, a single “digital” market that reflects the one enjoyed in the “physical” world is necessary. At what stage is the European Commission’s agenda for the digital single market.
     •Keynote speaker Ravi Mattu, Technology, Media and Telecoms Editor, The Financial Times

9:35 to 10:15 am - The Value of Digital Advertising to the European Digital Economy.
     The last ten years have seen an unprecedented growth of the online advertising sector in Europe: it is now the 2nd largest advertising medium across Europe in terms of revenue. With the European Commission’s aim of developing a Digital Single Market (DSM) we will look closely at how the online advertising industry acts as an incubator and a key driver of the European digital economic aim – through creation of highly skilled talent pool, new technologies and broader digital sector innovation.
     •In conversation Towney Feehan, CEO IAB Europe with Daniel Knapp, Senior Director Advertising, IHS Technologies

10:15 to 10:35 am - The real impact of digital on European Society.
     •Keynote speaker Paul MacDonnell, Head of European Policy, Center for Data Innovation

10:35 to 11.10 am - From Start-Up’s to Category Busters. What real innovation and opportunities can look like.
     How start-up’s and new businesses operating in the digital age, can confront and confound established industries and categories.
     •Moderator Marie Fenard, Head of SMB Sales, Google (plus panelists to be confirmed)
    •Panelists: Philippe de Chanville, Co-founder, ManoMano; Frédérique Lorentz, Marketing Director, Koolicar; Damien Odin, Director & Head of Business Development, Digischool

11:00 to 11:25 am - Brands as entertainment. The next chapter on brands and content is now being written!
     •Keynote speaker Jonathan Perelman, Head of Digital Ventures, ICM Partners

11:25 to 12:15 pm - The way forward. The tangible benefits of the digital era.
     This panel will examine how much progress has been made. The key trends and issues in Europe and other parts of the world.
     •Moderated by Carla Michelotti, Vice President Corporate Members IAA,
     •PanelistsL Angela Mills Wade, Executive Director, European Publishers Council, Michel Bejot, Avocat au Barreau de Paris, Bernard-Hertz-Bejot, Mike Zaneis, President and CEO, Trustworthy Accountability Group

12:15 to 12:45 pm - European Industry Trends vs The Rest of the World.
     The worlds’ leading agency holding companies and media agencies have declared 100% automated buying environment in a few years. And that media investments are continuing to make dramatic shifts to digital/mobile. What do you need to know? And what’s the timetable?
     •Keynote speaker Guy Abrahams, Worldwide Strategic Marketing Director, Zenith Optimedia

12:45 pm - Close and Wrap Up of What’s Coming Next?
     •Moderator Ravi Mattu, Technology, Media and Telecoms Editor, The Financial Times

Stay connected with the IAA!
Check out the IAA French Chapter and IAA Global's Facebook pages for regular updates on the event. And, keep your eye out for the official launch of the IAA French Chapters website, due in early June!


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「44th IAA WORLD CONGRESS」の会期が決定いたしましたのでご連絡いたします。


会場:Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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